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Emu Oil

Sports Injuries

Rhea Oil and Emu Oil can be used either as a general massage oil or as a liniment rub to help treat sport strains. The NBA is currently using the oils in their industry. This all natural oil is used for relief of back ache, sore muscles and other forms of inflammation. Emu Oil is a great first aid for bumps and bruises.

Aching Muscles

Early settlers wrapped fatty skins around painful joints for hundreds of years with amazing documented results. To-day this oil is processed in easy to use squeeze applicator. These oils have excellent penetrating properties and are easily massaged into areas needing treatment.

Sore Joints

The oil is processed under carefully controlled conditions. Emu oils amazing effectiveness is due to an unusual combination of unique qualities. The molecular structure and the composition (non polar) of this oil allow it to penetrate quickly and deeply.


Rhea Oil and Emu Oil have quickly become accepted as an alternative treatment giving temporary relief from pain. The Boston University of Medicine and Auburn University findings confirm Emu Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory.


Emu Cream with Comfrey has been specially formulated to heal and soothe areas of eczema, psoriasis and other skin rashes. Emu Oil contains Omega 3 & Omega 6, two essential fatty acids your body requires that you do not manufacture. Approximately 70% of this oil is unsaturated fats. These EFA’s are used by the body in the manufacturing of hormones which regulate many body processes and help the body to heal itself. Emu Oil is also useful with the reduction of recent scar tissue.

Dry Skin and Skin Care

The penetrating properties of Rhea Oil and Emu Oil are proving effective for dry, irritated skin, leaving the skin soft and smooth. It can be applied to sunburn, windburn or minor burns and will soothe and moisturize the skin. It is a great first-aid relief for insect bites. This oil does not irritate the skin or clog pores. It also resists bacteria growth.


Our Emu Oil products are combined with a wide variety of Essential oils and Herbs for a soothing, relaxing feeling.


Hi there,

I just placed another order and thought that I should give you some feedback about how fantastic emu oil is.

I’ve used it on my skin for a few years and the results are amazing.

I think that my dog was born with dry skin! Ugh. I give her 1/4 tsp. of food grade emu oil × 3 a week and now her skin is perfect.

This is the best story I have though…..I’m a med volunteer at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary. We have a 46 year old donkey with various health issues. This summer, all the hair mysteriously fell off of her back end I massaged emu oil on the area 3 times a week. Of course she rolled in the sand and that added sun protection but did nothing to improve her looks. Ha ha. Now, she has the thickest, softest hair over that area and her skin is also better.

Emu oil is the best thing you can put on your skin!!!

– Sue Cann