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    • Emu Oil is a natural anti inflammatory and has no side effects...No chemicals

  • Emu Creams & Lotions For Excema,Psoriasis,Facial Moisturizers,Foot Cream,Fibromyalgia,Gardeners Hand Cream,Lip balm,Insect Repellent

  • Emu Oil products penetrates quickly and deeply into your tissues...quickly relieving your pain.

  • You use small amounts making Emu Oil cost effective...Saves you money

  • As the Emu Oil penetrates into your tissues it reduces inflammation caused by Arthritis, injury or chronic disorders thereby reducing pain...gets you going again FAST

    I started using your Emu Cream about a year ago and have found it to be just fantastic in helping me with the pain of my Fibromyalgia. Nothing else even very potent drugs have been able to give me the same relief as your product. The main problem with taking drugs is they usually take time to become effective and they can affect your mental processes. Strong pain killers can also have very detrimental effects on other bodily functions. Your Emu Cream takes effect almost immediately and I have yet to notice any side effects. Thanks very much for this great product and I will certainly let everyone that I know about my success with this Emu Oil product. Yours very truly,
    William D. McCann

      Healthy Skin

  • We have a variety of all natural Emu Oil products that are used for dry skin and skin disorders such as excema, psoriasis, alopecia...diaper rash, acne, and more.

        Healthy Body

    Renew Your Love Of Life With Emu Oil

  • Discover how You can do the things You use to do...Emu Oil will loosen up your tired and aching muscles and joints, so You can get back to the things you like to do, golfing, fishing, working in the garden, playing with your grand children....

  • I have been using Emu Moisturizing Cream, for the past couple of months and am estatic with the results.
    It compares favorably, with the most expensive cosmetic face creams on the market. In terms of it's contribution to a more youthful complexion,I can't believe the

    Valerie Clements

    Emu Oil Research

  • Emu Oil has and is being researched by many Universities such as Universities of Guelph, Alberta, New Zealand, Boston Medical and Auburn University ...But best of all by people just like you.

  • For the past 15 years I have had to cope with alopecia,(hair loss) a sometimes painful and frustrating disease. The treatment consists of injections into the scalp by the physician. While vacationing in the south and being terribly uncomfortable, because of the alopecia, my friend suggested I try her Emu Cream. Much to my surprise and happiness, after several applications, the scalp is now clear with no itching. No more injections!!! Another friend, who was hospitalized few years ago developed a severe rash after her release, on her back. Her doctor prescribed cortisone which she has used for the past years with not great success. Her back is actually scarred. I suggested that she try my Emu Cream which has worked wonders. The scars are beginning to fade slightly. We are now hoping it will help a "bad" area on her husbands face which is caused by skin cancer (and is being treated)
    You have a great product.
    Gwen Sutherland. Sharbot Lake
    (Cathy's friend with the scarred back)

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